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Martina Weber

Schutzengel is a cross-stitch design patterned after Martina Weber's "own" guardian angel. It is available free to stitchers. Martina says, "After having had to watch the terror of the 11.9.2001 happen and feeling the helplessness coming over us so suddenly I felt the urge to look again at this little angel which is so special to me. This picture has been my own guardian angel ever since the day of my birth when my mother was given a postcard with the print of that Al Fresco Painting by Fra Angelico Guido Di Pietro
(1387 - 1455). From this day on, this framed picture now has been in my rooms, wherever I lived. This is my vision of a caring and sheltering angel and so I felt it appropriate to choose this very old painting as a base for my simplified angel for cross stitch. You are invited to print it out for you or for friends to stitch or for customers to give away. I added a small chart with the date of 11.9.2001 and the Letters "WTC" for those who want to stitch this piece as commemorative embroidery. After the tragedy Martina thought the world and its people need guardian angels more then ever. She adds, "I hope and pray for peace, freedom and comfort for all, but especially for those affected directly by this cruel deed." To download the design, go to Martina's Chatelaine website.

Cochemer Str. 23
D-47259 Duisburg
Tel: 0203-780741
Fax: 0203-9309158
email: chatelaine@mail.isis.de
Website: http://www.chatelaine.net


Justice in our Hearts
Giulia Manfredini

Giulia Manfredini's original heart-shaped design, Justice in our Hearts, is free and includes the text from Psalm 75:10 which reads: "He will take all power away from the wicked, but the power of good people will grow." She has stitch the words of the Psalm in green as a symbol of hope. The Psalm comes from the book, Lighthouse Psalms, (Honor Books, Tulsa, OK), from the Holy Bible New Century Version. For Instructions on Giulia's design, go to link below:

Justice in our Hearts

For more information or for a copy of the chart for this design, contact
Giulia at:
E mail:jmanfr@tin.it

Snail mail: Via Palestro 16, 541000 Massa, Italy

Flag of the World
Sofia Cornali

Sofia Cornali, Giulia's 8-year-old daughter, has submitted a drawing of her design, called Flag of the World, showing people of all creeds and colors, with hands clasped, proclaiming the message, "Peace to the World Freedom, Respect, Love." Sofia is very proud to share her tribute of love.


Land of the Free
Alan Greenstein

Land of the Free by Alan Greenstein is available from Norden Crafts. 100% of all the money raised from the sale of this chart will be donated to the New York Police and Fire Widows' and Children's Benefit Fund. For more information contact:
Alan Greenstein
Stitcher's Heaven
E Mail: stitchers @gru.net

Star Spangled Scissor Finder
Linda Connors

The Star Spangled Scissor Finder by Linda Connors is available from:
Calico Crossroads
1911 N. Austin Avenue
Suite 402
Georgetown, TX 78626-4543
Phone: 512-863-5943 or Toll-free 1-888-320-7980
Fax: 512-863-7651
E-mail: calxrds@aol.com
Website: www.calicocrossroads.com




Liberty Tabletopper
Claudia Dutcher

Claudia Dutcher designed the Liberty Tabletopper (copyright Dutch Treat Designs 2001) in 3 different color schemes (white, ivory and black) as a result of the events of September 11, 2001. Claudia explains its inspiration, "I hope this 'wake up call' for America will restore heath to our land so that none of those people who perished died in vain. I designed this [the Liberty Tabletopper] when we were all first watching the horror unfold. I wanted to stitch something that was encouraging and something that stood for America." Also designed by Claudia are the Patriotic Tabletopper (copyright Dutch Treat Designs) and the Red, White, and Blue Doily, which she is offering free on her website.


Patriotic Tabletopper   Red, White, and Blue Doily 


For more information, contact:
Dutch Treat Needlecrafts (Retail) or Dutch Treat Designs (Wholesale)
Phone: (925) 294-8621 or Toll-free: 866-237-3069
E-mail: dutchtrt@dutchtrt.com
Website: http://www.dutchtrt.com

Together We Shall Overcome
Thea Dueck

Together We Shall Overcome is a free Altoid™ Tin Pattern from Thea Dueck at The Victoria Sampler. Thea adds, "To ALL the people affected by the recent tragedy in the US, all of us at Victoria Sampler offer our deepest sympathy and prayers. Knowing that every positive action, no matter how small, can have far reaching effects, I'm offering two free patterns to you as a symbol of solidarity and support. Please accept these FREE Altoid Tin patterns: Together We Shall Overcome in honour of the brave spirit of the American people. These patterns are free. I hope that in return, we can encourage you to find your nearest Red Cross or other charity of your choice, and give. It is our hope that as each of you stitch one or both of these little designs, your hearts will start to heal and your spirits will lift."
To access Thea's free pattern go to the Victoria Sampler website.

The Victoria Sampler
8700 Aldous Tce
Sidney B.C. V8L 1L2 Canada
Phone: (250 )656-3566
Fax: (250) 656-0447
E-mail: Thea@victoriasampler.com
Website: http://www.victoriasampler.com


Celebrate America
Ellen Johnson

Ellen Moore Johnson of Heirloom Embroidery designed Celebrate America, a surface embroidery project, in celebration of the great American spirit that has been displayed so nobly since the tragic events of September 11. She invites Heirloom Embroidery website visitors to download and print out one copy of the pattern and instructions for personal use. Shop owners may call (888) 248-4743 for more information about free patterns for their customers.

E-mail: heirloomembroidery@home.com
Website : http://www.heirloomembroidery.com



Plea from the organizations that are helping those affected by the
American Tragedy of September 11, 2001:

Your Help is needed. Please Donate Now! While we are all deeply saddened by the tragedy of Tuesday, September 11, you can help now by supporting the relief efforts. Relief organizations tell us that they most need cash donations to fund special resources and personnel. To make a donation or learn more about these organizations, links for them and others can be found at:


American Red Cross
September 11th Fund
The New York Firefighters 9-11 Disaster Relief Fund
New York State World Trade Center Relief Fund
Twin Towers Fund
WTC Police Disaster Relief Fund
The Survivors Fund - Washington, D.C. area
Salvation Army
Robin Hood Relief Fund
New York Police and Fire Widows' and Children's Benefit Fund
The Fund for Public Schools - WTC School Relief Fund

100% of your donation will go directly to these relief organizations. Donating through Helping.org is safe and secure. United Kingdom residents can make donations to a special Help USA fund created by the Charities Aid Foundation.

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