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A Special Treat from New Stitches Magazine

"En Vogue" by Mary Hickmott

This soft and warm scarf is made from a new 100% woollen Aida fabric from Zweigart. The fabric is woven with 11 count Aida panels, ideal for any Cross stitch design. The thick and luxurious Caron Impressions thread complements the fabric perfectly, making a smart and stylish winter warmer.

Working the embroidery

Stitch the entire design in Impressions thread, shade sunset. Oversew the long edges of the fabric to prevent fraying.

The fabric is made up of Aida panels 82 stitches square and the design fits one Aida panel. Start stitching in the bottom corner of the first complete Aida panel in from the short end. Work from the bottom of the chart so that the top of the design faces towards the centre of the fabric. Work the design again in the same manner at the opposite end.

Once the stitching is complete place the long edges of fabric right sides together and machine or hand stitch leaving a 1/2 inch (1.3 cms) seam. Press along the seam and turn to right side out.

Flatten the scarf out so that the seam line runs centrally along the back. Press in place.
Position the end of the scarf with the top of the design towards you and right side up. Work Antique hem stitch across the width of the scarf along the first row of Aida squares in the partial panel at the base of the design. Fastening on with a few stitches on the left hand edge, work from left to right using two strands of white stranded cotton. Work over one Aida square through both layers of fabric. Cut off the selvedge and fringe the rest of the Aida panel to the end. Repeat this at the opposite end of the scarf.

Design count: 82 sts wide x 78 sts high

Approximate design size
11 count 7.5 ins x 7.1 ins (18.9 cms x 18.0 cms)
14 count 5.9 ins x 5.6 ins (14.9 cms x 14.2 cms)
16 count 5.1 ins x 4.9 ins (13.0 cms x 12.4 cms)
18 count 4.6 ins x 4.3 ins (11.6 cms x 11.0 cms)
Minimum fabric size
11 count 12.6 ins x 12.2 ins (32.0 cms x 30.9 cms)
14 count 10.8 ins x 10.5 ins (27.3 cms x 26.4 cms)
16 count 9.9 ins x 9.7 ins (25.1 cms x 24.4 cms)
18 count 9.3 ins x 9.0 ins (23.4 cms x 22.8 cms)
Allow extra for mounting or finishing if required.

Materials You will need...

Zweigart white, 11 count wool Aida (art. 7606), 71 ins x 18 ins (180 cms x 46 cms).

2 skeins of Caron Impressions, shade Sunset.

Tapestry needle size 22.


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