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The Caron Collection is pleased to feature the work of a budding new designer, Virginie Menzildjian, who lives in Normandy, France for our ONLINE CLASS. Virginie has a genuine passion for needlework that has been passed down to her through several generations of her family.

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by Virginie Menzildjian

Virginie Menzildjian's design, Mothers, was designed for and dedicated to her wonderful mother-in-law who passed away in the most tragic circumstances last January, and also to her own, "Dear Mom who taught me needlework, among many other precious things, when I was a little girl." Virginie is herself now the proud mother of three adorable kids. She adds, "I know how hard, but most of all how rewarding, being a Mom can be. HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!"

The design was stitched on 36 count ivory linen using one ply of Caron Soie Cristale and Caron Waterlilies. The foliage heart was cross-stitched over 2, the small flowers were worked with tiny ribbed spider web wheels (which achieves a great raised embroidery effect.) These cute flowers look like small meringues that Virginie used to eat when she was a child! The verse was crossed-stitched over 1.

Instructions for "Mothers" design

Materials List:

Fabric: 36 count Ivory Linen ( 8" x 8"). Stitch Count: 67 x 52
Thread: Caron Waterlilies: Coral Blush, Pearl, Olive
Caron Soie Cristale #2046

Color Key

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Design Notes:

Each square on the chart represents 2 fabric threads. The design was stitched using 1 strand (1 ply) of silk over one or two fabric threads.

1. Cross-stitch foliage heart using 1 strand (1 ply) Waterlilies Olive

2. Cross-stitch verse inside the heart using 1 strand )1 ply) Waterlilies Coral Blush over 1 fabric thread.

3. The small flowers on the foliage heart are worked in tiny ribbed spider web wheels using 1 strand (I ply) Waterlilies Pearl and 1 strand (1 ply) Soie Cristale # 2046. Refer to the stitch diagram for the method of working this stitch.Wrap the working thread three times around the two superposed cross stitches.

Stitch Diagram for Ribbed Spider Web Wheels

Finishing Suggestions:

"Mothers" can be framed or finished as a small pillow or scented sachet.

Personal Note from Designer:

"Discovering the Caron variegated silk threads (Waterlilies) has changed my approach to needlework forever" and is what prompted me "step into the designer's side." The first Waterlilies I tried out was "Spruce" and I have a whole new project centered around "this gorgeous color," simmering in my mind. Silk threads are my favorite fibers and I enjoy so much working with Caron threads, especially the variegated ones because they are so inspirational! I am so glad to have had the opportunity to design this small piece for Caron. This is all very exciting. THANKS!"



A French Band Sampler
By Virginie Menzildjian

Virginie's design "A French Band Sampler" was published in Sampler & Antique Needlework Quarterly magazine, Issue 24, Fall 2001. In her sampler, Virginie perpetuates the stitching tradition established by her great-grandmothers and then carried on by her grandmothers, mother and sisters, of incorporating the important elements of her own life. She explains, "There are gardens because I love flowers and trees. The line with blue waves symbolizes my love for the sea. The four little cats are the cats I've had since I was a little girl. The three little people represent my children and the years they were born. I stitched my husband's initials with little hearts on each side, and the last rows represent our home. The little garnet crown at the top of the sampler means I am queen in my own little 'Secret Garden.'" Virginie's new design, "Little Paradise Sampler" will be featured in the summer issue (#27) of Sampler & Antique Needlework Quarterly, due out in May.


Virginie Menzildjian

Virginie's husband, Boris, (her nickname for him is Bob), is a dental surgeon and they have three beautiful children. Virginie is currently a stay-at-home mom, on leave from her career as a long-range flight attendant, to care for Pierre (5), Anna and Antoine (3 year old twins), which is allowing her some time to indulge in designing and stitching.

Virginie's Family
From left to right: son, Pierre, husband, Boris, twins, Anna and Antoine

Virginie would like to express a special sentiment to a kindred spirit and fellow designer, whom she met through their mutual interest in the Caron threads. This individual is someone who has already contributed many times to the Caron Website. Virginie says, "Many, many thanks to my dear friend Giulia Manfredini who started this wonderful adventure! She is the little witch behind all this! She is really SPECIAL!"

For more information, contact Virginie at the following until June 30th:
Mrs. Virginie Menzildjian
14 rue Lezurier de la Martel
e-mail address: menzilfamily@net-up.com

After July 1st, contact Virginie at:
42 Rue du Maréchal Leclerc
e-mail address: menzilfamily@net-up.com

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