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From Quilting Arts magazine's The Premier Issue ­ Winter 2001

An Embellished Crazy Quilt Block
by Ena Flynn

From the Debut Issue of Quilting Arts

Adapted exclusively for Caron Collection Website Visitors

 Caron Collection Threads used:



Double-Dipped Rachel:






Soie Cristale:


 Threads from Quilter's Resource Inc:


To create an embellished block:

1. Cut a six-inch piece of muslin to use as a foundation to piece a crazy quilt block using the pattern given (Figure 1). The 6-inch muslin will give you some leeway in squaring up your finished piece just in case your stitching causes the block to be pulled out of shape.

Figure 1

2. Baste around the block on the dotted line. This will be your sewing line.

3. Embellish as desired: be careful not to put your embellishments too close to the stitching line. The block pictured uses some of the ideas presented in the Winter 2001 Issue of Quilting Arts.

Stitches & Threads used for Motifs:

Lily Pad ­ Buttonhole Stitch with Evergreen Wildflowers

Lily Pad Flowers ­ Japanese Ribbon Stitch with Double Dipped Rachel

Iris Flowers ­ Lazy Daisy with a Straight Stitch threaded underneath the Lazy Daisy in Soie Cristale ­ 6010

Iris Stems ­ Stem Stitch in Soie Cristale ­ 5013

Yellow flowers ­ Lazy Daisy with Straight Stitches in Soie Cristale ­ 4003

White Flowers (under Frog charm) ­ Colonial Knots in Soie Cristale ­ 0057

White Flower Stems - Lazy Daisy in Evergreen Wildflowers

Cattail Tops ­ Chenille - Cinnamon, wrapped around the stem, leaving a bit of the stem showing at the top

Cattail Stems ­ Stem Stitch in Soie Cristale ­ 5002

Birds ­ Fly Stitch in Pebbles Wildflowers

Dragonfly Wings ­ Lazy Daisy in Antica ­ AT-3

Butterfly ­ Tatted using Vanilla Wildflowers. Pistal Stitch for Antenna and Bullion
Stitched Body in Vanilla Wildflowers

Stitches along Seams ­ Buttonhole with Lazy Daisy in Impressions ­ 5123, with yellow beads from Beadin Path in Freeport, ME

Stitches along Seams ­ Maidenhair Stitch in Pebbles Wildflowers


Suppliers of embellishments:

Frog - Beadworks, Boston, MA.
Turtle - Evening Star Designs

Dragonfly, Center of Lily Pad Flowers, and Pink Seed Beads all from Evening Star Designs

Yellow Beads ­ Beadin Path, Freeport, ME

To find out how to make your embellished block into a needlecase, see the Winter 2001, Volume one, Number one issue of Quilting Arts.

About the Designer - Ena Flynn:

Ena Flynn has been quilting for more than 10 years and became interested in crazy quilting after seeing a silk ribbon demonstration at a local shop 5 years ago. She joined the Evening Star Designs crazy quilt club, but was afraid to cut the fabric! After attending a workshop taught by craxy quilt artist Jan Benander, she acquired the courage she was lacking and has never looked back! Look for more of Ena's designs and projects in upcoming issues of Quilting Arts.

About Quilting Arts:

Quilting Arts is a new magazine celebrating the arts of embellished quilting and the related textile arts. Embroidery, beading, silk ribbon work, fabric dying, crazy-piecing, and embellishing with mixed-media, - Quilting Arts covers a wide range of skills, includes exceptional how-to articles and photographs of quilts, answers readers' questions, features guest teachers, and explores popular vintage and contemporary fabrics, embellishments, and motifs. Beading, silk ribbon work and intricate surface embroidery are featured in the debut issue. Beginning with our premiere issue in January 2001, Quilting Arts is published quarterly and starting in 2002, six times a year. For
subscription information click here: http://www.quiltingarts.com

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