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Want to make colorful pair of shoelaces for your favorite pair of sneakers? We've come up with an eye catching solution!


2 skeins of the CARON Collection's Watercolour thread

your old shoelaces

scissors and ruler

a piece of cardboard approximately 2" square

(a friend to do this project with )



STEP 1: Remove the label from each skein of thread and untie the knot at the end of the skein.

STEP 2: Untwist the skein and open it up so it is one large loop and you can separate the threads. Repeat with 2nd skein.

STEP 3: Using your ruler, measure the length of your shoelace. Measure and cut a strand of thread 4 times that length. Then double up the single strand so that it is now only half as long. Make sure that it is even and both ends are the same length. Have your friend hold the side with the loose ends securely while you at the opposite end, the looped end, insert a pencil and start twisting the strands together as tight as you can, working till the entire strand is tightly twisted. Make sure the thread is tightly twisted and that your friend doesn't let go of the thread or it will unravel and you'll have to start over.

STEP 4: Without releasing your end put your finger at the middle of the strand, holding it taut. Next, fold the strand in half giving your end of the strand (with the pencil removed) to your friend and insert a scissor in the middle as a weight. Once your friend is holding both strands, let go and the scissor will start twirling. The threads will twist around each other creating a cable type effect. Once the scissor stops twirling remove it and secure each end with tape wrapped around the ends tightly to keep it from unraveling and to help you thread it through your sneakers. Then once you've laced your sneakers with the cabled thread knot the ends of the strand at the length you want, removing the tape and leaving about 2" of loose strands beyond the knot. (Cut off any excess thread only after you attach the pom-poms.)


STEP 5: Pom-Poms - Using the leftover thread from the first skein, take the 2 inch piece of cardboard and beginning in the middle, start wrapping the thread around it, keeping them very close (you can overlap them in layers) Wrap this strand around the cardboard about 30 times ending at the bottom edge of the cardboard.


STEP 6: Take your scissors and cut into the middle of the cardboard (on the sides that the strands are NOT wrapped around) up to where the strands begin. Do this on both sides. Gradually cut further into the cardboard, under the strands, leaving just a small piece of cardboard intact in the center. DO NOT CUT INTO THE THREADS while doing this!


STEP 7: Take a separate strand of thread (about 6" long) and pull it though the cuts in the cardboard and around both sides of the the strands, pulling tight and knotting it. Pry out the rest of the cardboard and tie another thread in the middle of the strands pulling it even tighter than before and again finishing it with a knot.


STEP 8: Using the scissors cut through the loops at both ends. Then fluff up the strands especially around the middle. Make sure all the loops are cut and trim any pieces that are too long. Voila! you've made a POM-POM!  


STEP 9: Using the two strands used to tie the knot in the middle of the pom-pom, attach it to the shoelace by knotting it above the knot at the end of the lace.Now trim the strands of the knot to match the length of the pom-pom strands.

STEP 10: Repeat Step 5 to 9 to make the 2nd pom-pom.

STEP 11: Repeat steps 3 to 9 with the second skein to make the other shoelace and 2 more pom-poms.

STEP 12: Slip your transformed sneakers onto your feet and , who knows, like Dorothy you may fly over the rainbow.

Note: A cotton thread equivalent may be substituted for Watercolours thread but the effect will not be the same as with the variegated thread shown.


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