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Once Too Sisters Designs launched their new website, their business really took on momentum, which builds exponentially as word-of-mouth spreads. Tisha insists, "No one in the needlework industry is a success solely on their own, and we're extremely grateful to our 'angels,' who talk about our designs on the Internet, stitch models, tell their friends and show our leaflets. We truly cannot thank them all enough!" Since designing professionally, they have been gifted with friendships that are more valuable than precious gems. Both concur, "It's these friendships that remind us it's all about the people we meet. about being able to do something that brings pleasure to others. Perhaps it's a tired old line, but we're convinced that if you do what you love, the money will eventually follow."

Reaction to their designs has overall been overwhelmingly positive. Too Sisters realized from the get-go that they were bucking a trend by using such bold and even stark colors, since what were prevalent on the market were mostly designs in muted tones showing charming country themes with a folksy style. Then who should appear but Too Sisters whose style exhibits all the subtlety of a jazz ensemble crashing a harp recital! They recall, "Frankly we had some people in the industry tell us we were setting ourselves up to fail. They'd shake their heads, smiling sadly at our naive enthusiasm and methods. But we weren't about to let that slow us down. We want to be unique because we can. Because there shouldn't be any rules to creativity." Ultimately, there proved to be no scarcity of stitchers thrilled to see and use their refreshingly vibrant designs and color combinations.

Tisha and Carolyn harbor a tremendous loyalty to those who encouraged them initially. As they state, "We'll be working on designs featuring those products from companies who've been supportive. We want to give something back to those who've had faith in us from the very beginning. If not for The Caron Collection and their products, we would never have thought seriously about designing for other people."

Needlework design continues to be a whirlwind of excitement for them. Since their debut Too Sisters has been featured on numerous websites, their designs have been spotlighted in shop publications and they have enjoyed success through The Stitchery catalog featuring "Czarina's Treasure," thanks to kits published by Sudberry House. (A second design, "Ginny's Geometric" is scheduled for sale in The Stitchery catalog later this year)

Based on their own personal experience Carolyn and Tisha hope to inspire other latent designers. They maintain, "We have nothing but encouraging words for anyone who wants to become a needlework designer. If you're thinking about it, too, and you're passionate about designing, ready to work hard and give it your best, then we're the first to say, 'Make your dreams come true!'"

Too Sisters Designs
P.O. Box 10843
Burbank, CA 91510

E-Mail: TooSisters@aol.com

Website: http://www.toosisters.com

Stop by Too Sisters website to see their colorful designs and join in the fun as they have plenty of great surprises in store! The sisters add, "You're the reason we're here. We want you to have as much fun as we're having, and we wouldn't want you to miss out on anything! Feel free to e-mail us for more information. Shop inquiries are always welcome via e-mail." They offer a full-color catalog for those folks who don't have access to the Web. It's available for $2, which includes a coupon for two dollars off of your first order. Too Sisters Designs hopes to exhibit at the CATS show in Riverside, CA in Sept. 2000 as they always look forward to making new friends and meeting new stitchers.

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