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Designed by Carolyn Hook

In this piece, you will be stitching with Impressions - solid and hand-dyed. Impressions is 50% wool / 50% silk. It is a soft and extremely strong thread which makes it very adaptable to this type of needlework as well as many others. The hand-dyed is dyed on natural or white Impressions and colors added to create the variegation.

General Instructions

- The use of an embroidery hoop is strongly recommended - be sure it is clean! Be sure to remove it from your fabric when you are not stitching, even if only for a short period of time.
- All stitching with Impressions is done using one strand.
- Do not use knots to begin or end threads.

Materials Needed

Linen Fabric - 4 ½ x 6 3/4
#7 crewel needle
Dressmakers transfer paper
Impressions - 2 yds each: #5002 (Green), #024 (Twilight)
Note: The above colors were used in the model. You may choose your own - but choose one solid color and one hand-dyed.

Stitching Instructions

1. Begin by transferring the design onto the fabric. First place the linen on a table or hard surface and tape the corners and possibly the center outside edge, making sure the linen is smooth and won't slip. Place the transfer paper down on the center of the fabric with the proper side facing the fabric (colored side to fabric). Next, place your design tracing on top of the transfer paper and carefully pin both sheets of paper to the fabric. Trace over your design tracing. I use a ballpoint pen that has run out of ink. Don't use a pen or pencil that may puncture the paper and put markings on the fabric. In the case of the flowers on the design pattern which are outlined in dots, do not trace these flowers with straight lines. You may place a couple of dots for each flower for reference or choose not to mark them at all. The stitches used here may not cover a complete outline.

2. Stitch all stems first using crewel outline on the larger stems and stem outline on the smaller tendrils in green.

3. Satin stitch "cups" which hold the "flowers" in green.

4. Stitch "flowers" with Fan Whipped Spider using the Twilight color, hand-dyed thread.

5. Follow the mounting directions supplied with the needle case to complete this project.

Crewel Outline

Worked from left to right with the yarn toward you; touch the previous stitch with the next stitch.

Stem Outline

Worked the same as the crewel outline except that the yarn is held away from you.

Fan Whipped Spider

Working from right to left, stitch spokes in the shape to be worked from bottom to top, spacing somewhat evenly. Bring the needle up at the narrowest portion of the shape outside of the first spoke on the left side, go under the first spoke, then over the first spoke and then pass the needle under the next two spokes. Continue going back over one spoke and forward under two spokes. At the end of the row, go under only one spoke and go down with the needle at the outside edge of the shape. Run the needle under the straight stitches on the back to the left side. Begin whipping the spokes again from left to right. Take time to gently push the stitches in the second row against the ones in the first row. Continue in the same manner until the shape is filled. Keep the tension as even as possible.

Design for Transfer

You may either use the design at the top of this page (next to the photo) to trace and then transfer to the fabric or you may choose to trace it to another piece of tracing paper and transfer.

Note: A complete kit for this pattern, in the colors shown, is available from Carolyn Hook for $3.40, including postage, (but not the needlecase)! For other Carolyn Hook Designs call for her catalog ($3.50) at (978) 745-9696 or see your local needlework retailer.

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