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Instructions Compliments of Leslie Levison

Versatile Stitchery Patch

Sometimes you just want to do some stitching, experiment with a new thread, or try out a new stitch combo, but you may not have a work in progress. This little stitch patch is the perfect way to satisfy your stitch appetite!

1. Start with a 7" square of a special fabric such as a hand-dyed, linen, damask, or textured print. Mark off a 1/2" seam line all around the square and work a line of basting stitches on this line.

2. Decide the orientation of your piece...whether it will be upright or on point.

3. Assemble an assortment of threads. Here I used Watercolours, Waterlillies, Wildflowers, and Rachelette.

4. Work stitches on your fabric, balancing colors so that darks and lights are evenly distributed. All of the stitches shown on the sample are included in last months' and this month's class.

5. The stitches I used are fern (green Waterlillies), bullion (Watercolurs-African Sunset), chain with straight stitch accent (also in African Sunset), feather stitch (Wildflowers and Watercolours - Tropical Seas), and a bullion flower (Wildflowers-Tropical Seas). I also added lazy daisy stitch and long stem French Knot accents. I wove the Rachelette in and out of a row of feather stitch.

Add single beads to the ends of the feather and fern stitches, and a charm if you wish.

6. Cut a second piece of fabric or lace for the backing. Sew the fabrics together, right sides together along the basted sewing line, leaving a 2" opening on one side to turn the whole thing right side out.

7. Iron flat.

8. If you wish to make a Sachet, fill with potpourri at this time. Whipstitch opening.

9. Work up-and-down buttonhole stitch along edge with Watercolours (I used Royal Jewels).

10. To use as a patch, hand sew to a jeans jacket or sweat shirt. Remove before laundering.

11. Make a smaller version to use as a decorative holiday ornament.

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