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Spring Sampler


26-ct. antique white Jobelan (#429-101) from Wichelt Imports, Inc.

Impressions: 1146 Cream, 6026 Rose, 7046 Blue, 6044 Lavender
Wildflowers: 023 Parfait
Waterlilies: 023 Parfait
Soie Cristale: 6044 Lavender


Cut fabric three to four inches larger than design on all sides. Fold fabric in half, then in half again and mark center. When working with Waterlilies and Wildflowers, complete each stitch as you go. Follow instructions below for each band.

Band 1: Herringbone with 6026 rose Impressions ­1 strand

Bands 2 and 8: Cross stitch the lettering with 2 str. 6044 lavender Soie Cristale; complete Rice stitches on left and right plus the Smyrna crosses in between letters with 1 str. 1146 cream Impressions

Bands 3 and 7: Algerian Eyelets with 2 str. 023 Parfait Waterlilies

Bands 4 and 6: Smyrna crosses with 1 str. 1146 cream Impressions

Band 5: x = Cross Stitches with 1 str. 023 Parfait Wildflowers; satin stitch hearts with 1 str. Impressions as follows: hearts A and G-6044 lavender, hearts B and F-6026 rose, hearts C ad E-7046 blue and center heart (D)-1146 cream

Band 9: Herringbone with 1 str. 7046 blue Impressions

Outer border: · = Cross stitches with 2 str. 023 Parfait Waterlilies; n = cross stitches with 2 str.

Stitch Diagrams




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