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Bargello Candles Stocking Instructions
(Click here for charts and outline to print out.)

SIZE: Approximately 5 1/2" x 4"

8" x 10" piece #24 congress cloth or 25 count evenweave fabric
One skein each color listed in color key for Caron Collection Soie Cristale, Watercolours, Candlelight, Impressions, and Snow.
1/4 yd. fabric for lining
1/4 yd. fabric for backing
1 yd. cording
Needles: Size 22 and 24 tapestry

NOTE: All stitches are over four threads with a step of two.


Measure to find center of fabric. Following arrows, draw intersecting lines across chart to locate center. Matching centers of chart and canvas, work design according to charts and instructions. As the edges of the design are reached, fill in as much of each stitch as possible. A few more or less stitches will not adversely affect the design.

Using four strands white Soie Cristale, work grid in bargello according to chart to form a network of ogee shapes.

Flames and Candles
Referring to chart, work background of two upper partial ogee shapes using one strand far Horizons Watercolours beginning from base of grid; work diamond shape using one strand Snow. In each remaining ogee shape, work row using four strands of Natural Soie Cristale. Work three rows using one ply Rose Quartz Watercolours. Work base of each ogee shape using one strand Far Horizons Watercolours. Note: This row differs from previous rows. Stitch candles using Gold Candlelight. Stitch flames using Snow. Fill remaining rows using Bright Pink Soie Cristale.
Block canvas if necessary. Cut two pieces of lining and one piece backing using Bargello Stocking Pattern. Place right sides of lining together and baste, leaving top edge open. Place wrong side of lining to wrong side of stocking; baste, leaving top edge open. Place right sides of backing and stocking together; baste, leaving top edge open. Sew stocking together just inside outer edge of needlepoint stitching, leaving an opening at top edge. Trim seam; clip curves. Turn stocking rightside out. Lightly press stocking with needlepoint facing a padded surface. Turn seam allowances under at top edge and stitch lining to stocking.
Cut 1 1/2 yds. each of three contrasting threads. Tie two colors together at one end. Separate colors at knot and tie knot in each end. Slip one knotted end of thread over pencil or cup hook screw securely fitted into drill. Attach other knotted end to small knob or have helper hold.

Keeping thread taut, twist until thread begins to double back on itself when tension is slightly released. Remove thread from cuphook screw. Holding center knot, fold twisted floss in half., securing ends away from each other.

Tie one end of third color to center knot. Twist third color using same technique. When third color is twisted to proper tightness, hold center knot, bring all three ends together, and secure. Release center knot gradually, separating cords between fingers as cording twists toward ends.
Stitch cording around stocking; make a loop to hang stocking at upper left edge.

   Snow  -  - 1-strand
   DI  Candlelight Gold 1-strand
   6S-0000 SoieCristale  Natural  4 strands
   6S-0057 Soie Cristale  White  4-strands
  6S-2004 Soie Cristale  Bright Pink  4-strands
   031-10  Watercolours Rose Quartz  1-strand
   048-10  Watercolours Far Horizons  1 strand


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