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Catherine Reurs

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Caron Stocking Ornament designed by Catherine Reurs © Catherine Reurs 1998. All rights reserved.

Finished Dimensions:

3 1/2" wide x 4" high / 49 (wide) x 58 stitches (high)


  • 1 sheet of 14-count clear plastic canvas (ours from Darice)
  • #22 tapestry needle
  • sharp scissors with a good point
  • Caron threads - Rachelette, Snow, Candlelight (see color key for colors)

Stitching Instructions:

1. Cut out ornament shape from 14-count canvas. (Alternative method: stitch the entire design except the outemost row (in Rachelette A-5 Cobalt Blue). Then trim the canvas leaving one unstitched row around the entire design. Overcast the unstitched row in Rachelette A-5 Cobalt Blue.)

2. Stitch the design, following the chart, using Continental or Basketweave stitches. Note: For the fibers we used: Use 1 complete strand of Rachelette, Snow and 2 complete strands of Candlelight.

3. Overcast ornament edges with edging color.

4. Add a hanging loop and glue cardboard or stiff backing fabric to ornaments.

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