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Our entire Rachelette line has been modernized and reorganized into color families. Add pizzazz to your stitching with these 138 luscious new shades. The line has been organized into Collections and we hope you'll be inspired to try something from each.

- The Classic Collection - 56 basic colors suitable for a wide range of projects.

- The Antique Collection - 12 colors that look gilded, silvered or antiqued.

- The Peppermint Stick Collection - 12 bright, cheerful colors, all striped like candy canes.

- The Pale Neutral Collection - 12 almost non colors designed to give a special glow to your needlework.

- The Mid Neutral Collection - these 12 colors have more oomph than the Pale Neutrals, but are still subtle enough not to take over the main attention in a piece, but instead enhance the other stitching.

- Private Reserve - Lois Caron's personal choices. 34 tempting and unusual colors to add panache to your designs.

If you haven't worked with Rachelette before, you're in for a treat. Pictured are two of four Christmas sock patterns which are stitched entirely with Rachelette. (The other two designs will be posted shortly).The designs can also be adapted for boxtops or other projects. Instructions for the Patriotic Christmas Sock are on the September website. For a FREE copy of the instructions for any of the other designs, simply ask your local shopowner.



Blue Woven Ribbons Sock Red Woven Ribbons Sock 

 Bargello Waves

 Bargello Tiles

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