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8x8" 18 or 19 count evenweave fabric

#20 tapestry needle

Three colours of Watercolours: 006 Amethyst for the needlepoint lines; 203 Molten Lava for the Eyelet flowers and the black upright crosses in the border;026 Mardi Gras for the Satin Stitch borders and the gray upright crosses in the border, Wildflowers 003 Meadow for the Chain Stitch leaves and the regular cross stitch border.

Separate the strand of Watercolours and stitch with only one ply. Stitch with one strand of Wildflowers.


 Finished size of design on 18 count is 3" x 3". Use as an ornament.

NOTE: One line on the grid represents one thread of the fabric.

Cross stitches and satin stitches are over two threads. Each needlepoint stitch is over one thread. Only a portion of the Satin Stitch borders is charted.

Keep the stitches slanted the same direction all around the design.


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