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The Stitched Pieces of Raymond Endicott MD

This month's Feature/Gallery had its genesis with an intriguing e-mail: "I just found out about a man who is a former radiologist from Seattle who developed post polio syndrome and then was diagnosed with MS. He now lives in Hawaii and is partially confined to a wheelchair. Despite this, he does an enormous amount of stitching, favoring complicated florals and Oriental designs and is by all accounts a superb stitcher."

Freesia in Brass Pot
by Leigh Designs

The gentleman in question turned out to be Raymond Endicott MD. And not only is Dr. Ray an ace stitcher, but he can cook up a gourmet meal and plays a "mean" piano to boot! Along with all this, he maintains a very unique and wry sense of humor. When presented with the very direct request that we wanted him for the Caron Collection website, he promptly responded, "I want you TOO!!" All in all, Dr. Ray is one "hell-of-a" guy!

Mother & Daughter on Bridge
By Toni's Needlepoint Designs

Dr Ray has never been one to let adversity keep him down. In his own words, his story unfolds, "I suffered Bulbar and Spinal Poliomyelitis at age of 14 in 1949 and spent one year recovering and undergoing rehabilitation. I graduated Medical School, University of Oregon in 1961.

Lady Di
by Lee's Needle Arts

During my internship I was on the Obstetric service and noticed that several of the Doctors did needlepoint while waiting to deliver babies. I became interested and they taught me how over the next 3 months. I have been needlepointing ever since.

Oriental Poppy
by Leigh Designs

It was always funny when I should fly to meetings. There I was in a three-piece business suit, doing needlepoint while other people read or did crosswords. I always got the strange looks and was always the subject of conversation. Rosy Greer went through the same thing, I believe."

Purple Iris
by Lee's Needle Arts

Dr Ray practiced Neuro-Radiology and then Diagnostic Radiology until 1985, when he was diagnosed with Post Polio Syndrome. This is a progressive muscular atrophy secondary to his having had Polio in 1949. Five years later he was also diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, which in retrospect he has had since 1973.

Song of Mississippi   Jolity 
Tiger Sun Orchid   Hamburen Orchid 

 By Leigh Designs

The orchid designs above (there are a total of six which Dr. Ray has completed) will be framed in koa wood, in shadow boxes with two frames holding three each. He will hang them on his lanai. Dr Ray adds, "At the time of the Orchids I was using mostly Impressions and Metallics. In my new 'period' (I sound like Picasso) I have been getting into Watercolours, Waterlilies and all of the other new fibers."

Dr. Ray continues, "With these two diseases I was forced to retire. My wife and I moved to Kona, Hawaii in 1988 and I have been doing quite well since that time. I can move around the house. However, I go by wheelchair everywhere else."

By Lee's Needle Arts

Dr Ray engages in stitching Petite Point at least 5 hours a day while tuning into the "Soaps!" He states emphatically, "I Petite Point only to keep or give away." The shop that keeps Dr Ray well supplied with all his stitching needs is Lori's Needle Ark in Coeur d'Alene, ID, our featured Shop Focus this month. Dr Ray says of the shop's owner, "Lori Elmore and I are great friends and have lots of fun with new fibers and new canvases. Lori's mother was a second mother to me as I grew up in Spokane."

Lady with Dove
by Evelyn Bernstein Studio

Lori says, "When I started working with him [Dr. Ray] he did only European canvases and tapestry wool. Now he works with a variety of fibers on painted canvases. He sent me off learning new fibers when he started to lose the nerves between his fingers and found it very difficult to lay fibers. Recently I 'wised up' and sent him some color cards so he can choose some of his fibers. He also has Stitches for Effect and is learning how to incorporate different stitches."

by Evelyn Bernstein Studio

This orchid design was the first hand-painted one that Lori sent to Dr. Ray. It employs a variety of fibers: silk, flair, metallics, etc. Lori recalls, "He said at the time that I had spoiled him."

What is Dr. Ray currently working on? Lori clues us in, "He is now working on Monet's Waterlilies from Magic Needle and a very large canvas from Lee's Needle Arts of a Japanese lady standing in front of an antique flower cart. The background will again be Watercolours, Hint of Mint. He says it really makes it look like a watercolor."

Foo Dog
by Leigh Designs

As mentioned earlier, Dr. Ray is a gourmet cook and also bakes his own bread. He plays, in his own words, "a mean" piano (piano bar type music). Another example of his "playful" sense of humor came through when asked how he was coming along with his notes for this feature. He duly reported, "I am working on my Bio and shall have it out tomorrow. Have faith and if that doesn't work have another Egg Nog!"

We wish to thank Dr. Ray for his participation and most especially for his candor. One truly need look no further for inspiration!

Raymond Endicott M.D.
E-Mail: ORCIDRAYGERTa@webtv.net
Aloha Ke Akua

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